• Agustin Fox and Anca Collm spot brook trout above the Rio Corcovado River #findingfontinalis… https://t.co/hDtZDAUKE3
  • Holding down part of the soundtrack for #findingfontinalis Spirit of the Stairs https://t.co/gdYibecPbH
  • Finding Fontinalis Technical Producer Don Ferguson animates a parallax image of Yvon Chouinard. https://t.co/QGwyxajDlO
  • The @flyfishfilmtour rolled out the red carpet for us with this pretty sweet poster https://t.co/0rvCAPFsFL
  • Finding Fontinalis Narrator bart.bonime in Lake Studios voicing his lines for the film.… https://t.co/CK6Cl5HTmH